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What is Chief?

Chief is a digital collaboration platform which connects brokers and consumers. Well known technology startups have also adopted a similar approach to digital relationships, in what’s called Vendor Relationship Management (VRM).

These platforms allows a vendor (the broker) to do business with a customer in an environment which is governed and managed by a third party, who are responsible for security, compliance and quality assurance. As that third party, we enable and empower the broker (and the customer) with the tools and functionality to get things done better.


Break free from your aging software. Track deals and manage customers in a way that fosters lifelong business relationships with Chief.

Chief Explained

You reached out and we listened. Chief provides intensive training from day one and ongoing support from the best brokers in the industry after the induction period is over.

  • “Chief has enabled me to produce lender options in much less time than I would otherwise. There's no need to go to each lenders Servicing Calculator as the Fact Find that is sent to a client generates the data for me which I then press a button to get options quickly. Smart very smart!”
    Phil Robison
  • “What can I say about MLB and Chief, Chief in particular has saved an enormous amount of time, effort and energy. It has made the role of a broker that much more efficient that other systems/software that has been used in the past, not only for client meetings but also compliance and given more time back to generating business. MLB in particular have just made the process easy, from assistance with marketing, broker support and also compliance it has made what would/could be tasks that require multiple people simple and gives the broker greater efficiencies.”
    Benjamin Dennis
  • “The MLB Team and their Chief system has made a big difference to the way we operate and how we will grow our business moving forward. The marketing systems are easy to use and integrated to all our devices; Chief is excellent for connecting the client with the back office and ensuring compliance; and we have had strong support from our BDM, training and technical support. A big thanks to Jaci, James and all the team at MLB!”
    David Fraser

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