Chief 1.5.6 Released

Lender Backchannel based e-mail notification automation

We are proud to announce the first release of our lender backchannel triggered, e-mail notification program. This gives you the ability to have Chief automatically notify your clients on major milestones throughout the loan process, without having to be in the office, logged into Chief or even online!

The notification will be triggered as soon as Chief receives a backchannel notification from ApplyOnline for any of the below events:

  • ‘Application Submitted’
  • ‘Valuation Ordered’
  • ‘Conditionally Approved ‘
  • ‘Unconditionally Approved’
  • ‘Documents Sent’
  • ‘Documents Received’
  • ‘Settlement Booked’

We’ve decided to not include the ‘Application Settled’ notification as yet, allowing you to handle the first communication once a loan has settled. We will be working with our brokers to identify the best execution for the listed milestones, if we should introduce settlement notifications, and how to best manage them.

Important things to know about this program currently;

Firstly, it’s an opt-in program, you’ll need to contact us to have this activated on your account (email us

Secondly, the email notifications use set templates which have been built specifically for each milestone. As an automated process, this means that there is no option to currently customise which templates are to be sent, nor the ability to modify the details or structure of the notification emails. However, we have plans on improving this as part of subsequent releases in the future.

If you have any feedback or questions please send them through to: